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We have advised a consortium led by ACWA Power International (ACWA Power), the Saudi Water and Power giant, in partnership with Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas, S.A. and TSK Electrónica y Electricidad, who have been selected as preferred bidder to develop the USD 1 Billion 160 MW Ouarzazate CSP Independent Power Project located approximately 200 KM south of Marrakesh. We have also assisted some bidders in other energy projects in Morocco (the Tarfaya project and the extension of Units in Jorf Lasfar). As regards to pipelines, we have been advising Circle Oil for gas in the Sebou area.


The firm is advising each year and for several years the Export and Import Bank of America (EXIMBank) in the financing and the delivery of different aircrafts (Iast transaction $ 80,634,290). It has also been advising other foreign companies, such as C.I.T Group in connection with the sublease of aircrafts to Moroccan companies. The firm also advised Natixis and also BNP in the financing and delivery of aircrafts (Iast transaction $ 80, 000,000).

Shipping/Maritime Law

This is also particular of strength and the firm is deeply involved in shipping arrest cases over vessels being in Morocco and related procedures. The firm is also advising regularly ship/marine stakers and is handling maritime liability cases. We are for instance representing Somaport operator and his insurers before Court.

Merger Control/Concentration

The firm has been advising different international firms in relation to merger control issues and notified several economical concentration operations to the relevant competition Authorities. The firm was pioneer in notifying the first economic transactions to the new competition Council. It has acted for instance for Amcor, Diebold, Henkel, Credit Agricole, Chambre Francaise de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris, Open Gate Funds.


The firm has advised an Australian company involved in a transaction on aquaculture for USD 110 Million in the South of Morocco.

Corporate & financing

The firm is providing regularly assistance to several foreign investors in corporate transactions in different sectors. Among others, we have notably advised Danone, the European Bank For Reconsctruction and Development (EBRD), Siemens Gamesa, Silk Road Fund in the acquisition/financing of interests in different important local companies. In another deal, the firm intervened on a finance transaction involving a Luxemburg Institution Fund Rural impulse Fund, which included legal support for the financing aspects, security documents and Moroccan currency exchange regulations.

Tobacco Industry

We have been advising Philip Morris and Korean Tobacco (KT&G) in different legal issues related to Tobacco industry.

Contentious- Litigation and Arbitration

We have been advising ISUZU Headquarter in relation to the termination of a local distribution contract and represented them before Courts with an excellent result. The firm has represented PWC International in a litigation procedure/exequatur procedure of international arbitration award against the local PWC after its exclusion from the network. The firm is advising several foreign companies and individuals in relation to litigation matters in real, estate in connection with different touristic projects such as "Four Seasons", "Fadesa",”Addoha”, “Salixus”, “Alliance”(till Euros 2.000.000 a transaction). The firm is representing several foreign companies before Courts in business contentious matters and recovery claims/collection debt amounts. The firm is continuously involved in provisionary procedures before Courts, including seizures over movable and real estate assets.

Legal Opinions- Expert Witness

We have been asked to provide legal opinions as witness experts in relation to certain specific Moroccan laws and regulations for disputes/ contentious relating to international investors pending before London Courts.

Empowering Rights, Ensuring Justice

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